It’s Complicated

December 25, 2009 popcollin 0

It’s Complicated is ¾ of a great movie. Alas, the bad ¼ is the last half-hour. There are times (assuming you’re over age 30) that […]

Up in the Air

December 23, 2009 popcollin 0

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) spends his life in the clouds– literally and figuratively. 322 of 365 days each year, he is flying across the country […]


December 21, 2009 popcollin 0

In a recent interview, James Cameron admitted that he’s mildly nervous about the success of his latest creation, but then he went on to say […]

The Road

December 20, 2009 popcollin 0

Cormac McCarthy couldn’t have written a bleaker story than The Road if he’d been in Bleak House In the Bleak Midwinter on Bleeker Street. It’s […]

The Princess and the Frog

December 14, 2009 popcollin 0

Ah…welcome home. Disney’s The Princess and the Frog hearkens back to virtually every (hand-drawn) Disney movie ever made. From The Little Mermaid to The Jungle […]


December 1, 2009 popcollin 0

Roland Emmerich is apparently suffering from seasonal schizophrenia. On one hand, 2012 is the kind of over-the-top, big-action popcorn flick that is tailor-made for summer. […]