Furry Vengeance

April 30, 2010 popcollin 0

It always strikes me as amusing when critics review a kids movie as if the flick was meant for adults. In her review of Furry […]

The Losers

April 25, 2010 popcollin 0

As a rule of thumb, when eerily similar movies are released in the same year (Dante’s Peak and Volcano, A Bug’s Life and Antz, Wyatt […]

The Back-Up Plan

April 25, 2010 popcollin 0

There was a time back in the late 90s when Jennifer Lopez seemed to have a fairly promising movie career ahead of her. In 1998 […]

Death at a Funeral

April 16, 2010 popcollin 0

Poor Danny Glover. Two of his most memorable moments on film have come with him sitting on the toilet. In 1989’s Lethal Weapon 2, he […]


April 16, 2010 popcollin 0

If Quentin Tarantino and Judd Apatow were sitting around drunk one night and decided to make a superhero movie, the result would be Kick-Ass. Equal […]

Date Night

April 13, 2010 popcollin 0

I’m guessing Josh Klausner got paid a lot of money for what was actually one of the easiest jobs in show business this year. He’s […]

Clash of the Titans

April 2, 2010 popcollin 0

I’ve never really understood why Pegasuses (Pegasi?) run when they fly. It’s not as if birds flap their wings and run at the same time. […]