Shrek Forever After

May 23, 2010 popcollin 0

A mediocre Shrek movie is still better than the vast majority of films out there. That’s not to say Shrek Forever After isn’t good. It […]


May 23, 2010 popcollin 0

Sometimes low expectations pay off… at least a little. The idea of turning a series of Saturday Night Live sketches into a full-length movie is […]

Robin Hood (2010)

May 14, 2010 popcollin 0

No one’s really sure if there ever was a Robin Hood, and because of that, no one’s entirely sure what he looked like, what he […]

Letters to Juliet

May 14, 2010 popcollin 0

In a couple of years, when Amanda Seyfried has become a bona-fide movie star (some are already anointing her as the next Julia Roberts), she’ll […]

Iron Man 2

May 7, 2010 popcollin 0

Iron Man 2 picks up right where Iron Man left off. No, really‚Ķ you could put the two movies together (making one heck of a […]