The Debt

August 31, 2011 popcollin 0

You gotta love Helen Mirren, especially in a day and age when some actresses half her age (she’s 65, for the record) might be loath […]

Our Idiot Brother

August 29, 2011 popcollin 0

In a summer full of R-rated comedies, Our Idiot Brother stands out as something of a novelty– a comedy that’s (shockingly) not chock-ful of raunch […]


August 26, 2011 popcollin 0

In the 90s, Luc Besson made a nice little name for himself making kick-butt movies centered on kick-butt women– from La Femme Nikita to The […]

Fright Night

August 19, 2011 popcollin 0

For those of you who just can’t abide the thought of yet another 80s movie remake (after the fair-to-miserable The Karate Kid, Clash of the […]

One Day

August 19, 2011 popcollin 0

When David Nicholls’ bestseller One Day was unleashed on the world in 2009, it came with a rather unique premise– it traces the lives of […]

30 Minutes or Less

August 12, 2011 popcollin 0

As much as August is the traditional throw-away month for forgettable movies, there’s always at least one late-summer flick that emerges from that four-week vast […]

The Help

August 10, 2011 popcollin 0

This week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story on The Help asks the question, “How do you turn a beloved, racially-charged book into a moving, funny film?” […]

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

August 5, 2011 popcollin 0

In 2002, the Broadcast Film Critic’s Association created a brand new category for their Critics’ Choice Awards: Best Digital Acting Performance. Yoda, Harry Potter‘s Dobby, […]

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