Ted 2

June 26, 2015 popcollin 0

With the nuance and grace of a newborn butterfly alighting gently on a dewy rose petal, Seth MacFarlane’s comedy gently tickles you before wafting away […]

Inside Out

June 20, 2015 popcollin 0

Anyone who has followed my reviews over the years knows I hold Pixar in the highest regard. They’re the gold standard not only for animated […]

Jurassic World

June 12, 2015 popcollin 0

It’s clear the producers of Jurassic World decided to follow the tenet of one of the series’ more memorable characters. Dr. John Hammond kept telling […]


June 5, 2015 popcollin 0

Apparently (and happily), we have moved on from the glut of vampire and zombie films in past years to emerge in the year of the […]