July 28, 2015 popcollin 0

Those of you who have been longing for a movie that spotlights the inherent comedy of a grapefruit-sized mound of pubic hair, a guy covered […]


July 24, 2015 popcollin 0

One of these days, I think the Motion Picture Academy should look into the work of an actor named Jake Gyllenhaal. Sure, a decade ago […]


July 24, 2015 popcollin 0

In 2010, French animator Patrick Jean created a brilliant two-minute film called “Pixels”. In 2015 Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions killed it. To be honest, […]

Paper Towns

July 24, 2015 popcollin 0

It seems like it’s been a while since there’s been a decent, intelligent YA movie, and while Paper Towns isn’t in the same rare air […]

Before We Go

July 21, 2015 popcollin 0

The pitch meeting for Before We Go must have gone something like this: “It’s Before Sunrise! But in New York City! It’s even got a […]


July 17, 2015 popcollin 0

I’m not quite ready to anoint LeBron James the next great comedic actor of our generation, but damn, he’s pretty good in Trainwreck. And he’s […]


July 17, 2015 popcollin 0

Twelve movies in seven years. And the promise of at least ten more in the next four years. It’s clear that Marvel Studios president Kevin […]


July 10, 2015 popcollin 0

Who knew that a costume designer was so important to a movie? …and, more importantly, I suppose– to a director’s legacy? For years I’ve been […]


July 10, 2015 popcollin 0

Since I already committed blasphemy a few weeks back with my lukewarm review of Pixar’s Inside Out, why not keep the ball rolling? Ready? I […]