January 23, 2015 popcollin 0

Well, that’s it– Johnny Depp, as an actor, is officially dead to me. Sure, he had some fun moments as Captain Jack Sparrow, and I’ll […]

Before I Go to Sleep

October 31, 2014 popcollin 0

In Before I Go to Sleep, the pseudo-Hitchcockian thriller written and directed by Rowan Joffé (son of Roland), Nicole Kidman is Christine Lucas, a 40-year-old […]


July 25, 2014 popcollin 0

This is getting really old. Another summer weekend, another movie that leaves you wondering how some people are even allowed to make movies anymore (*cough […]


May 23, 2014 popcollin 0

As if it weren’t obvious already, Adam Sandler came clean to Jimmy Kimmel last week that he makes sure his movies take place in locales […]


March 21, 2014 popcollin 0

Someone please remind me to die before we get too far into the future– if the movies are any indicator. (Of course, if movies really […]


February 21, 2014 popcollin 0

There’s just something about epic disaster movies, it seems, that brings out the worst in everyone. Volcano, Armageddon, Twister… A cheesy script, hammy acting, overblown […]


August 30, 2013 popcollin 0

A good car chase can help make a movie. The Rock, Ronin, and The Matrix Reloaded were all made less-forgettable by solid car chase sequences. […]