Green Lantern

June 19, 2011 popcollin 0

In all fairness, it can’t be easy to make a superhero movie. Aside from having to satisfy a vehement fan base, the filmmakers have to […]

Mars Needs Moms

March 11, 2011 popcollin 0

I can’t imagine that H.G. Wells is taking this very well. You gotta think that the great-grandfather of Mars Needs Moms director and writer Simon […]

I Am Number Four

February 19, 2011 popcollin 0

There ought to be a law. You shouldn’t be able to slap a pretty slick, whiz-bang ending onto a bad movie and call it a […]

Season of the Witch

January 7, 2011 popcollin 0

Behold the power of low expectations. Every so often a stinker of a movie earns a 10% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. And those are […]

Jackass 3D

October 15, 2010 popcollin 0

Call me crazy, but I just don’t need to see a grown man get head-butted repeatedly by a ram in a petting zoo. Or a […]

Grown Ups

June 25, 2010 popcollin 0

Adam Sandler’s no idiot. As co-writer, producer, and star of Grown Ups, he got to spend all last summer on vacation. He hung out for […]

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