Horrible Bosses 2

November 26, 2014 popcollin 0

The idiots are back. Not since the Coen Brothers’ 2004 debacle The Ladykillers has such a motley assortment of imbeciles attempted to pull off a […]


October 31, 2014 popcollin 0

I’m fairly sure Jake Gyllenhaal wakes up most days thanking his lucky stars that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was such an unmitigated […]

St. Vincent

October 24, 2014 popcollin 0

Over the course of his lengthy and yes, distinguished career, Bill Murray has tackled characters ranging from country club groundskeeper to ghost-buster to army private, […]


August 15, 2014 popcollin 0

While not so chock-full of hubris that I consider myself a movie critic of the same ilk as the esteemed Peter Travers or A.O. Scott, […]

The Hundred-Foot Journey

August 8, 2014 popcollin 0

Ask any movie critic, and they’ll tell you their two least favorite months are January and August. January, because it’s the post-Oscars dumping ground, and […]

Into the Storm

August 8, 2014 popcollin 0

Had it aired on SyFy a few weeks ago (and it certainly has the pedigree to), Into the Storm might have been called Twister 2: […]

The Butler

August 16, 2013 popcollin 0

At some point during Lee Daniels’ The Butler, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow, what a crazy life this guy and, even more so, his son […]


August 11, 2013 popcollin 0

Writer/director Neill Blomkamp turned a lot of heads (and rightly so) with his first feature film, 2009’s District 9. The relatively modest (budget-wise) sci-fi flick […]

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