May 23, 2010 popcollin 0

Sometimes low expectations pay off… at least a little. The idea of turning a series of Saturday Night Live sketches into a full-length movie is […]

Clash of the Titans

April 2, 2010 popcollin 0

I’ve never really understood why Pegasuses (Pegasi?) run when they fly. It’s not as if birds flap their wings and run at the same time. […]

When in Rome

January 29, 2010 popcollin 0

Sometimes there’s a real disconnect between critics and the general public. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that […]

The Book of Eli

January 28, 2010 popcollin 0

Someone give John David Washington a gold star. The 25-year old son of Denzel is credited by the actor as the reason he took the lead in […]

Tooth Fairy

January 22, 2010 popcollin 0

Remind me to never again question the truthiness of the Tooth Fairy, lest I’m sentenced to a two-week stint as a Tooth Fairy Helper. (And […]

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