Edge of Tomorrow

June 6, 2014 popcollin 0

Now that we’re in the thick of the summer movie season (yes, it’s only June), moviegoers might be experiencing a little fatigue– especially in the […]


May 9, 2014 popcollin 0

Who knew that the classic fraternity comedy Animal House would end up looking so tame? Sure enough, in recent years the mega-party comedy genre has […]


January 24, 2014 popcollin 0

If I recall correctly, it wasn’t that long ago that Will Forte was starring in MacGruber, prancing around naked with a stalk of celery sticking […]

Saving Mr. Banks

December 20, 2013 popcollin 0

Being the holiday season, many of us have no doubt dug the ol’ Love Actually DVD out for its annual viewing, and central to that […]

About Time

November 9, 2013 popcollin 0

Either writer/director Richard Curtis is compensating for perhaps spending his formative years locked in a lonely, dark closet or he is, quite simply, the reincarnation […]

Don Jon

September 27, 2013 popcollin 0

Don’t look now, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has quietly been putting together quite the hot streak. Going back at least as far as 2010’s Inception, JGL’s […]

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