Despicable Me

July 9, 2010 popcollin 0

If Toy Story 3 is the prime rib dinner of movies this summer, Despicable Me is a huge slice of three-layer chocolate cake. It’s not […]

Iron Man 2

May 7, 2010 popcollin 0

Iron Man 2 picks up right where Iron Man left off. No, really… you could put the two movies together (making one heck of a […]

Green Zone

March 12, 2010 popcollin 0

Paul Greengrass must drink a lot of coffee. And I mean a lot of coffee. In Bloody Sunday, United 93, and parts 2 & 3 of the Bourne […]

Up in the Air

December 23, 2009 popcollin 0

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) spends his life in the clouds– literally and figuratively. 322 of 365 days each year, he is flying across the country […]


October 2, 2009 popcollin 0

Take a boatload of zombies, a hilarious/clever script, Woody Harrelson, a heaping portion of Michael Cera Jesse Eisenberg, a bit of Emma Stone, and some […]

District 9

August 14, 2009 popcollin 0

By and large, alien movies are actually all about humans: humans worrying about what the aliens will do when they emerge from the mothership, humans […]

(500) Days of Summer

August 13, 2009 popcollin 0

The recent passing of John Hughes only highlights all that’s gone wrong with romantic comedies in recent years. Sometimes it feels like there should be […]

The Proposal

July 12, 2009 popcollin 0

The Proposal should have been unwatchable. It should have been a forgettable romantic comedy along the lines of director Anne Fletcher’s prior foible, 27 Dresses. […]

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