American Hustle

December 20, 2013 popcollin 0

The last time we saw Christian Bale in a David O. Russell film, he was a skin-and-bones heroin addict in 2010’s The Fighter. Fast forward […]


November 27, 2013 popcollin 0

Three years ago (as Tangled arrived in theaters) Disney announced it was closing the door on fairy tale movies for the foreseeable future. Included in […]

12 Years a Slave

November 9, 2013 popcollin 0

There are a handful of movies that earn 5 stars for their sheer entertainment value– the Silver Linings Playbooks and Frozens of the world. And […]

Captain Phillips

October 13, 2013 popcollin 0

There’s a moment about a half-hour into Captain Phillips, director Paul Greengrass’ nerve-wracking account of the 2009 cargo ship takeover at the hands of Somali […]


October 4, 2013 popcollin 0

Sixteen years after reading it, I still remember Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm. His harrowing account of the 1991 Halloween Nor’easter instantly transported me to […]


September 27, 2013 popcollin 0

It’s hard to think of a director who’s put together a more up-and-down body of work than Ron Howard. The man who made brilliant movies […]

Zero Dark Thirty

January 11, 2013 popcollin 0

After opening with a black screen and a barrage of frantic 9/11 cell phone calls, Zero Dark Thirty quickly fast-forwards two years to a grimy, […]

Django Unchained

December 25, 2012 popcollin 0

Drawing comparisons between Spielberg’s Lincoln and the latest oeuvre de blood from Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained, might seem odd at best and downright sacrilegious at […]

Silver Linings Playbook

December 25, 2012 popcollin 0

Combining equal measures of comedy, romance, and drama (with a tasty concoction of bi-polar disorder, ballroom dancing, and the Philadelphia Eagles as a chaser), David […]


November 16, 2012 popcollin 0

Just as the recent Denzel Washington film Flight wasn’t really about flight (at least in an airplane), don’t go into Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln expecting a […]

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