October 12, 2012 popcollin 0

As recently as five years ago, Ben Affleck was a punch line in Hollywood. Back-to-back-to-back flops with Gigli, Jersey Girl, and Surviving Christmas were cementing […]

End of Watch

September 21, 2012 popcollin 0

As the unapologetic (and unofficial) voice of the LAPD, screenwriter David Ayer (Training Day, Dark Blue) consistently paints vivid pictures of the really mean streets […]

The Dark Knight Rises

July 20, 2012 popcollin 0

While Michael Keaton, Adam West, and every other man who has ever donned the cape and cowl all brought their own ‘something’ to the role […]

The Avengers

May 4, 2012 popcollin 0

After five movies in four years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a head with The Avengers— an All-Star game that mashes together six heroes […]

Titanic (3D re-issue)

April 4, 2012 popcollin 0

The boat still sinks. Jack and Rose still ‘christen’ the car. And Cal is still an unimaginable bastard. In fact, other than the most talked-about […]

The Muppets

November 23, 2011 popcollin 0

If you’ve been feeling a little empty inside, like something’s been missing for the past, oh, 12 years– chance are it’s the Muppets. Now they’ve […]


November 23, 2011 popcollin 0

Leave it to Martin Scorsese to finally come up with a way to make 3D worthwhile. His latest, Hugo, is a vibrant, captivating ode to […]


September 30, 2011 popcollin 0

Apparently the world is very close to ending (in a matter of weeks, actually, if you believe everything you read), because Seth Rogen is darn […]


September 9, 2011 popcollin 0

Wow. What a difference seven days makes. Last weekend we were ‘blessed’ with arguably the two worst films of the year– Shark Night 3D and […]

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