Men in Black 3

May 25, 2012 popcollin 0

It’s been ten long years since Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) last donned the dark suits and shined their little […]


May 18, 2012 popcollin 0

You can’t really fault Hasbro for trying. After huge success with the Transformers franchise (three movies – $2.7 billion worldwide) and even G.I. Joe (Rise […]

The Dictator

May 16, 2012 popcollin 0

Early in The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Beloved Oppressor’ General Aladeen is playing Wii inside his palatial (fictional) Northern African compound. But it’s only when […]

Dark Shadows

May 13, 2012 popcollin 0

Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton are perfect for each other. When they collaborate (Dark Shadows is their eighth film together) you know that nothing […]

The Avengers

May 4, 2012 popcollin 0

After five movies in four years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a head with The Avengers— an All-Star game that mashes together six heroes […]