The Smurfs 2

July 31, 2013 popcollin 0

Call me Gargamel. Even though I freely admitted 2011’s The Smurfs was mildly entertaining (and I do mean mildly), I’m pretty sure there was no […]

The Wolverine

July 26, 2013 popcollin 0

The Wolverine marks the sixth time that Hugh Jackman has donned the adamantium claws that prove so useful when it comes to saving the world. […]


July 19, 2013 popcollin 0

When Next Movie makes an spot-on side-by-side comparison between the trailers for your movie and Men in Black, you know you’re in trouble. When it […]


July 19, 2013 popcollin 0

Sometimes it just clicks. Sometimes you get a bunch of actors who, on paper, seem like a motley crew for the ages but who work […]


July 17, 2013 popcollin 0

If you look hard enough, there are lessons and morals in most animated kids movies: Brave shows children that it’s a good idea to listen […]

Pacific Rim

July 12, 2013 popcollin 0

With all the genres of movies suffering from mild to egregious overkill (superhero movies, zombie movies, destroyed White House movies), it’s hard to believe that […]

Despicable Me 2

July 3, 2013 popcollin 0

Since arriving on the scene in 2010, Illumination Entertainment has given kids (and many parents, too) three cute and charming movies– Despicable Me, Hop, and […]