Straight Outta Compton

August 14, 2015 popcollin 0

While not as visceral as Training Day or Boyz n the Hood, Straight Outta Compton will no doubt resonate with its target audience more. Though […]


July 17, 2015 popcollin 0

I’m not quite ready to anoint LeBron James the next great comedic actor of our generation, but damn, he’s pretty good in Trainwreck. And he’s […]


July 10, 2015 popcollin 0

Since I already committed blasphemy a few weeks back with my lukewarm review of Pixar’s Inside Out, why not keep the ball rolling? Ready? I […]

Jurassic World

June 12, 2015 popcollin 0

It’s clear the producers of Jurassic World decided to follow the tenet of one of the series’ more memorable characters. Dr. John Hammond kept telling […]


June 5, 2015 popcollin 0

Apparently (and happily), we have moved on from the glut of vampire and zombie films in past years to emerge in the year of the […]

Pitch Perfect 2

May 15, 2015 popcollin 0

Even though the whole point of a capella is complete re-invention, let’s be thankful the team behind Pitch Perfect 2 decided not to re-invent anything […]

Furious 7

April 3, 2015 popcollin 0

I found myself thinking, “Man, this stinks” several times during Furious 7. Not at the film itself (which is just about as much fun I’ve […]


March 13, 2015 popcollin 0

The story of Cinderella has been told and re-told over and over again since it first appeared in the 17th century. So I’m not exactly […]


February 20, 2015 popcollin 0

High school comedies, as a rule, are crammed to the gills with stereotypes, cliches, and characterizations so thin you can see through them. There’s always […]